I have come to really enjoy a lot of the non-photo taking elements of photography, such as writing blog posts, making sure things work correctly on my site, managing social networks, answering client email, speaking with clients over the phone, planning for the next shoot, etc, etc. But one element that I have really started to enjoy the most is the editing. I think that is because I can see real time progress, going from a RAW image to a finished product. It's like starting with a lump of clay and ending up with something beautiful. 

I just thought I would give a little love to one of the tools that makes the editing process a fluid, and fun process. The photo below is of a Wacom tablet. It is what I use to "pretty people up" for lack of a better term. I can paint light, remove blemishes and yes, even push in that little extra something that most of us have in the stomach region. Anyone who has been my client has seen most of my camera gear in all its glory but when all is said and done sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword...