War Photographer

I just got done watching this movie, and it was incredible.  If you ever wondered what the journalists, photographers and news cameramen go through then you need to see this film.  It is directed by Christian Frei, and it takes you through some of James Nachtwey's career in war torn, famine stricken regions, and gives you an unflinching look into what he, and the people that he photographs go through.  He completely immerses himself in the event and captures some of the most horrific events that I'm sure plague him with nightmares.  He does this to show the world what is going on in these places, and to put faces with the horrible things that have taken place.  James himself seems like a very empathetic human being and seems to care very deeply about the things he has seen. 

I cannot put into words the effect that this movie has.  I highly recommend it to anyone, photographer or not.  Absolutely amazing work.


Netflix: War Photographer

Amazon.com: War Photographer: James Nachtwey, Christiane Amanpour, Hans-Hermann Klare, Christiane Breustedt, Des Wright (II), Denis O'Neill, Christian Frei: Movies & TV