I am trying very hard lately to think of my photography like a graphic designer would think of their design work.  They never have extrenuous objects intruding into their design.  They place things exactly where they want them and thats it.  No extras, just what is needed.  Of course photography is a different animal because we are not creating something from scratch, we are building on what is there and sometimes we don't have the luxury  of moving to a different position or moving that pole from the background.  Nonetheless tons of phenomonal photographers accomplish this "fine art" or "graphic design" look to their work.  The way that I think of a photograph is its like a story.  There are the parts that build the plot, and characters, and there is nothing in there that detracts from the story.  If it doesn't add to it, it subtracts.  I think I'm going to get a little crazy about this from now on.  This is not new information to me but I think sometimes I let it go because I thought maybe I could crop it, or photoshop it out later, but I think I'm going to try simplifying things much more from now on.  Here is a photo below of a ram's head and horns.  That is all.