My bro's Mexico skate vid.

Some of you may have met or already know my brother Jordan McGinnis.  He is a visual artist, and skateboarder, he graduated from U of O and is currently in Utah working at the Sundance film festival.  He creates some killer videos, and I'm hoping at some point he'll move down to SoCal so that we can join forces and see what we can come up with.

This video is something he put together from when he was staying down in Mexico.  I think it's great videography, editing, and music.  I personally cannot stand on a skateboard without the fear of breaking limbs but the guys in this video definitely got some moves.  My brother is pretty easy to pick out.  He is the 6'3" white boy with the shirt around his head.  If you get a chance check out some of his other videos on YouTube as well  Watch in 480p if possible.