Objects of desire

Mamiya's RZ33 Medium-format DSLR


Ah this is a beautiful thing.  Women have diamonds, photographers have, well, gear, and lots of it.  This little beauty is 33 megapixel, mounted on a revolving back, which enables you to switch from portrait to landscape without repositioning.  It allows you to sync at all shutter speeds (wiping drool from mouth), and accepts all RZ 120/220 film backs for those who go both ways.  It works with all RZ-optics, and previous RZ-system camera gear.  

It will be available in July so if anyone was wondering what to get me for x-mas.  This is it.  Oh yeah and how much does it cost?  Well you know what they say "If you have to ask, you can't afford it".  All I can say is it's probably somewhere around $1k per megapixel.