Gear review

I haven't done this on this blog so far but I think I'm going to start now.  I know there are fellow photographers that read this blog so I think once a week I am going to try and pick something photography related to give my two cents on.  

This week I will start with a positive review.

The Black Rapid RS-7 camera strap

RS-7 R-Strap »


RS-7 R-Strap »

This thing is awesome!  It is the camera strap of my dreams.  It basically hangs across your chest and allows your camera to fall at your hip.  Then when you need to take a shot you just grab it and shoot, kind of gunslinger-ish.  The thing that I really love about this strap is that it allows my hands to be free when I'm not shooting, instead of supporting a heavy 70-200 lens.  It also takes a lot of weight off my neck which helps a lot after a day of shooting.  One thing that I don't care for is that when you shoot in portrait orientation, the little bolt is kind of in your way.  Also since it attaches to your tripod socket it renders that unusable.  For me though these are minor inconveniences.  It retails for about $60 so it's not cheap, but we as photographers know you definitely get what you pay for.  Here is the link to Black Rapid's site.