Last 3 minutes

"The Last 3 Minutes" From Shane Hurlbut, ASC from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

This video is amazing.  Incredibly beautiful, touching and sad.  Shane managed to fit a lifetime into 3 minutes and completely engulf you in this man's life.  

On the technical side, I am always excited to see the capabilities of these hybrid DSLRs.  This was shot with the 5d mkii, with I believe only 3 different lenses.  I love seeing those wide aperture shots with the beautiful blurred background and sharp subject.  I myself don't really have any inclination to step into filmmaking but films are a constant inspiration to my photography.  

If you have a chance check out Shane's work at Shane Hurlbut, ASC - Director of Photography | Hurlbut Visuals.  Thanks for letting me use this Shane!