Stella Donna

This shoot was such a privilege to shoot.  This girl Stella Donna is a friggen rock star, literally actually.  She was really cool, and easy to work with, and also quite photogenic.  Melissa and I had a blast.  I got to do 2 of my favorite things in the world, take photos, and listen to awesome music.  I had never shot a musician before but after that experience I am hungry to do it again.  It was so cool to watch someone so talented just play, and sing so passionately, and all the while I get to capture it.  It's really interesting shooting music though because obviously you can't hear the music through the photos, but I really tried to make it feel like you could with these photos.  She seemed to me to be an incredibly driven person who no doubt will succeed in the music business.  I will link to her website at the bottom of the page.