I've been away for a while.  Not in the physical sense since this is not a physical place, but in the sense that I have not really had the time to do a proper post.  Anyway, I got married about a month ago :-) Congrats to me and Melissa.  I wanted to thank all those that came and made that day so great, but especially to my brother Jordan, for doing our video, and to Sita Long who is not a photographer by trade but she still took some awesome photos that are incredibly meaningful to us.  

I will try and get back in the habit of doing a post once a week.  I really do appreciate the support of the people who read this blog, and I will try to continue posting interesting content.  Sometime later this year I will be shutting down my flash website currently at and doing a kind of blog/website hybrid.  I will be redesigning this blog as well to suit specific needs.