Uncle Jack

This short film is about a degenerate gambler, who accidentally calls his niece in the midst of a car chase.  She asks him to tell her a story so that she can sleep.  He translates his current situation into a medieval tale of knights, princesses, and drugs.  

It is an incredibly well made short film shot entirely on Pentax K-7, which is a pretty cheap DSLR as far as camera bodies are concerned.  I love watching these films because they not only showcase the incredible filmaking possibilities of these inexpensive cameras but they open up a whole world to would be filmakers.  Now I am also aware that when these films are shot they are not just some guy holding the camera in his hand like a photographer would.  He has steadicams, booms, followfocus, barndoors, and all the other gadgets that it takes to make these films watchable, but compared to what an actual Pro-HD camera costs you could buy 10 5d Mk2's (my camera of choice), or 25 of these little Pentax cameras.  I will probably start experimenting with incorporating video into my own business in the next 2-3 yrs because I always get the itch whenever I see stuff like this.