To me the most inspiring art form there is, is music.  That may seem odd coming from a photographer but it's because it has the ability to completely alter your mood.  If your happy, it can make you sad, if your agitated it can calm you down, or vice-versa.  Music often gives me my inspiration in to how I shoot, and the kind of photos I want to take.  The photos below of Ashley (who is a wonderful artist in her own rite) I think have a jazz-like quality to them.  As a photographer I try to draw my inspiration from all art forms that I look at from movies to architecture and everything in-between.  Sometimes I think photographers get so caught up in images that we forget what inspired us to create in the first place.  So no matter what your chosen artistic medium is, don't forget to set down the paint brush, or camera. or whatever and be inspired by another artistic discipline.

Here is a link to Ashley's online gallery