Henry's Halloween shoot

I have been doing Henry's Halloween photos for 3 years now, and every year I enjoy it more and more.  He is such a fun, happy, and determined little guy.  He just wants to check everything out.  He is so curious about everything that is going on around him, especially the weird guy with the massive camera pointed at him.  He is especially curious about my camera and loves looking at himself on the little LCD on the back.  His mom Abby is such a great person, and watching them together is very touching.  This was my first year meeting Grandpa Gil, and all I can say is that he seems like such a kind, generous, and loving grandpa.

Henry was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy this year which from my understanding affects his motor skills.  So he knows what he wants to do but his body has a difficult time doing it.  It definitely does not stop him from trying though.  I would be shooting him from across the room and before I knew it he would roll over and be right in front of my camera.  I think no matter what happens with his disability Henry will not be at a loss for having loving people around him.  Henry has a strong will, that is obvious to me and he will drive himself to succeed in whatever he decides to do.  My hope is that in my photography I can show the strength and love of this family, and that I will still be taking their pictures when Henry needs his Senior portraits done.  I will put a link below to the UCP of San Diego, so that you can take a look at the website, donate, and educate yourself on this disability.  UCP of San Diego County

Thank you so much to Abby, Henry, and Gil.  I hope you enjoy the photos.